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Book Review: Fortune Smiles

Book Review: Fortune Smiles
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Book:  Fortune Smiles

Author: Adam Johnson

Genre: Short Story Collection

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: This book is a collection of darkly insightful, but diverse short stories focused on everything from death to family to compassion to learning how to meet all the moments life brings you. The stories are told with mastery and humor, and each is riveting in its own way.

My thoughts: I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a lot of short stories outside of assigned readings for school before, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this collection was really enjoyable. All the stories were very different which was great because it kept things fresh throughout the book.

Some of the stories were definitely better than others in my opinion. My favorites were “Nirvana” and “Hurricanes Anonymous”. “Dark Meadows” was one that I probably would have been less interested in, but it quickly became apparent that this story was one that had actually been mentioned in a previous story in the collection (“Interesting Facts”) as a work of fiction written by one of the characters in that story. I’m always a sucker for a good meta reference, so I got a kick out of that, even though the story wasn’t my favorite.

TL;DR: Good and entertaining collection of short stories.

Notable quote: 

“But the truth is, it’s just an event. Life’s full of events– they occur and you adjust, you roll and move on. But at some point, like when your girlfriend Marnie tells you she’s pregnant, you realize that some events are actually developments. You realize there’s a big plan out there you know nothing about, and a development is a first step in that new direction” (“Hurricanes Anonymous”).


*I received this book for free from the publisher as a part of a Goodreads giveaway*

Book Review: Fortune Smiles


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