Top 5: Comics of 2017

I’ve read a lot of good comics this year, and picking my top 5 comics of 2017 was no easy task. But it’s worth it, because comics are amazing–right? Nod along if you love comics.

It’s an eclectic mix this year of superheroes, sci-fi, and fantasy. The one thing they have in common, though, is that they’re all incredibly fun reads! So here are five of my favorite comics that came out in 2017.


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Book Review: Wonder Woman Warbringer Book: Wonder Woman: Warbringer

see url Author: Leigh Bardugo Genre: YA / superhero / fantasy

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: Diana may be the princess of Themyscira, but as the only Amazon who didn’t earn her place, she longs to prove herself. Alia is the orphaned daughter of two brilliant scientists, set to inherit their company along with her brother Jason– if he ever stops being an overbearing guardian, that is. Both their lives are forever changed when a boat sinks in the Aegean sea just off of Themyscira, and Diana saves Alia from the wreckage. But mortals are forbidden on the island, and when Diana learns that Alia is a Warbringer, a descendant of Helen of Troy destined to bring about an era of chaos and destruction, she realizes she may have doomed them all. Now Diana and Alia have to work together to end the Warbringer line. Success could mean honor and glory, but failure will destroy the world.

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So You Like Wonder Woman…

So if you’re anything like me, you’ve already seen Wonder Woman once and are wishing you could go see it another 50 times. (Seriously, anyone want to go see Wonder Woman with me?)

The movie really was a masterpiece from start to finish. The story, the sets, the costumes, the writing, the cinematography, the fight choreography…everything was just so well done. To keep the awesome lady superhero feels going and to tide us all over until we can get back to the theater, here are a few recommendations for Wonder Woman fans to check out.


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Book Review: Wonder Woman Unbound

Book Review: Wonder Woman Unbound


Book: Wonder Woman Unbound

Author: Tim Hanley

Genre: nonfiction

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: From her inception as a character meant to pave the way for the coming matriarchy to her regressive romance-crazed incarnation of the 1960s, Wonder Woman has had a varied, often interesting, and sometimes troubling past. Hanley’s book tells the fascinating story of how one of the first comic book superheroes became the lasso-wielding  Amazonian heroine we know today.



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So You Like Firefly…

Let’s be honest, we’ll probably never be over the loss of Firefly. Much like Nathan Fillion, we will forever be making references and snide comments about its untimely demise.

And now to make that loss even worse, the Great Whedon Netflix Purge of April 2017 (as I’m calling it) has removed our favorite show from our favorite binge-watching service. Sigh. Well, here are some other shiny sci-fi ‘verses to fill the Serenity-shaped void in your hearts.

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Book Review: Step Aside, Pops

Book: Step Aside, Pops

Author: Kate Beaton

Genre: comic / historical & pop culture parody

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: Step Aside, Pops is a historical and pop culture parody comic covering everything from historical figures like the Founding Fathers (of the U.S.) to characters from literature like Cathy and Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Collected from Kate Beaton’s witty webcomic, Hark! A Vagrant, these comics will definitely satisfy your desire to make fun of historical figures while also possibly learning a thing or two in the process.

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Top 5: Comics

1.Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona.

Kamala Khan was an entirely normal Pakistani American teen with a deep love of all things Avengers, until one night she stumbled into a fog of Terrigen Mist and was transformed. With new and powerful abilities, Kamala suddenly finds herself pretending to be one of the superheroes she so admires: Ms. Marvel (who now goes by Captain Marvel). But is she just pretending? Kamala will never be Carol Danvers, but she has her own powers and her own strong sense of justice. As she struggles to make sense of her new abilities and to balance her life as a regular teen with her life as a superhero, Kamala realizes that being a superhero is more difficult than she ever realized– but also more rewarding. And best of all? She’s a pretty awesome hero in her own right, and she doesn’t have to pretend to be Carol Danvers, or anyone else, to prove it.

This comic has won several awards, and deserves every single one of them. Kamala is a breath of fresh air! She brings perspectives and points of view that many readers will find compelling and relatable, especially young people struggling to find their place in the world and fight for what’s right without compromising their beliefs. Kamala teaches tolerance and love both through words and action, and those are things we very much need more of in our society today.

Great panel(s): 


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