Top 10: New Releases of 2018

One of the exciting parts of every new year (for me at least) is looking through all the great new books being released that year. And let me just tell you, 2018 is going to be a year of amazing books! So many amazing books, in fact, that there was no way I could narrow it down to my usual top 5. It would’ve been an impossible task, trust me. With that said, check out my picks for top 10 new releases of 2018!

Top 10: New Releases of 2018 |

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Book Review: My Lady Jane

buy gabapentin for dogs online Book: My Lady Jane

where can i buy priligy in canada Author: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows Genre: fantasy / historical retelling / YA

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: Think back to sixth grade history. What do you remember about Lady Jane Grey? Queen for nine days and beheaded by her cousin Mary Tudor after the death of King Edward, right? Well, according to this revisionist tale history got a few things wrong.

Times are turbulent in England. The King is dying and tensions between Ethians (humans with the ability to shapeshift into an animal form) and Verities (humans who hate Ethians) are at an all-time high. Sixteen-year old Lady Jane Grey just wants everyone to leave her in peace to read her books. Unfortunately, King Edward and his advisors have other ideas, and as the King’s health steadily declines Jane is pushed into a marriage with a man she’s never met and caught up in a plot to kill her beloved cousin Edward. And to make matters worse, someone had the brilliant idea to make Jane queen. What could possibly go wrong?
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