Book Review: The Seafarer’s Kiss Book: The Seafarer’s Kiss Author: Julia Ember

Misoprostol no prescription needed 20mcg Genre: fairy tale retelling

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: Ersel has always been fascinated by humans. She visits the shipwrecks foundered by the treacherous icy waters of her home and collects the treasures they’ve left behind, and when a sinking ship strands a young Norse woman on the ice, Ersel can’t help but try to get to know her. The woman, Ragna, is a warrior, and soon she and Ersel have developed a close bond. But when Ersel’s former best friend discovers them together on the ice, he threatens to kill Ragna and reveal Ersel’s indiscretions. Faced with a difficult choice and the prospect of being stuck forever under the ice, Ersel sends up a desperate prayer to Loki. But Loki is a trickster god, and Ersel learns that making a deal with a god can be a dangerous thing.

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