Book Review: From a Certain Point of View

click here Book Review: From a Certain Point of View | rachelbrittain.comBook: From a Certain Point of View

source site Author: Various Authors

buy priligy paypal Genre: science fiction / short stories

Rating: 4.5/5

What it’s about: What if A New Hope was told entirely from the point of view of side characters. That’s the main premise of Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. From the loyal captain of the Tantive IV determined to keep Princess Leia Organa safe until his last breath to the force ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn and everyone–both good and bad, both known and unknown–in between.

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If You Like This, Read That: The Matrix, Gravity, and Star Wars

Sometimes you see a movie that you never want to end, and when the credits start rolling you’re left with a craving for more of that action and adventure. Fortunately, a great book is always there waiting to get you through your post-movie sadness. Here are three great sci fi books to read if you’re not ready for the space-filled adventures to end.

If You Like This, Read That


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10 Most Epic Quotes from Rogue One

Rogue One, the newest Star Wars movie and Lucasfilm’s first foray into a standalone Star Wars film, came out over the holidays, and if you ask me it lived up to expectations.

It fills in the action leading up to A New Hope, fixes a bit of a (now former) plot hole, and will forever make Episode IV even more poignant now that we know what it took to get those plans for the Death Star. It’s more of a war movie than a hero’s journey (a departure for Star Wars films), and because of the limitations of its length and form it sometimes falls a little short on character development, but it still manages to create an engaging and heartbreaking story that will make you wish it weren’t a standalone. Basically, Rogue One is a must watch for Star Wars fans. Not only because it gave us this excellent Baywatch-esque shot of Stormtroopers wading through water (and really who knew that was something we even needed)*,

but also because the story was excellent, the characters were complex and interesting (and not all white men! …thought mostly still men), and the dialogue was spot on. The newest addition to the Star Wars droid family, K-2SO, in particular raised the bar on the levels of sass we’re used to getting from the mechanical sidekicks. Here are ten stand out (and not too spoilery) quotes from Rogue One.

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Book Review: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe

Book: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe

Author: Chris Taylor

Genre: non-fiction

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: What do street racing, Japanese samurai movies, and Flash Gordon have in common? They all played an important role in the creation of Star Wars, of course. Chris Taylor, writer and Star Wars uber fan, gives us a comprehensive look at the franchise set in a galaxy far, far away, beginning with Lucas’ early life in Modesto, California and going through every aspect of the inspiration, creation, expansion, and legacy of Star Wars. How Star Wars Conquered the Universe is a clever and intensive biography of the seminal sci-fi series that will delight movie geeks and Star Wars fans alike.

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‘The Force Awakens’ Fashion

I finally got to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens yesterday. I may write a longer post about that over the next few days, so for now let’s just leave my thoughts as: I LOVED it and squeeeeeee.

'The Force Awakens' Fashion


But in the meantime, I thought I’d share the intergalactic-inspired look that I wore to see Episode VII, because how could you expect to traverse the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon (or, okay, watch fictional characters traverse the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon) without the appropriate attire?

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It’s a Very Star Wars Christmas

If holidays had themes like anniversaries then this would be the year of the Star Wars Christmas. As anyone with two eyes and a television probably knows, the seventh Star Wars movie came out this past week. Personally, I have been pretty much staying off of large sectors of the internet to avoid spoilers since I’m not going to get to see The Force Awakens until this Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting in the spirit! Whether you’re like me eagerly waiting to see the movie over the holidays or you’ve already seen it twice, here are some ways to make your Christmas as Star Wars-y as possible.

It's a Very Star Wars Christmas


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