Book Review: Tash Hearts Tolstoy Book Review: Tash Hearts Tolstoy | rachelbrittain.comBook: Tash Hearts Tolstoy Author: Kathryn Ormbee

where is the best place to buy generic Finax Genre: YA / fiction

Rating: 4/5

What it’s about: Tash loves two things: Tolstoy and filmmaking. Unhappy Families, the low-budget web series she’s co-creating with her best friend Jack, is the perfect culmination of those loves. When a famous vlogger mentions Unhappy Families in a video, their views suddenly go through the roof. But this newfound fame comes with a lot of stress and haters, too. Tash has to figure out how to balance being a good friend and daughter with managing a breakout web series. What would Leo do? Other than help a bunch of serfs and write a few best sellers, that is. Tash struggles to keep it all together as the filming for Unhappy Families wraps up, they get a nomination for a kind-of big deal internet award, and she tries to navigate unexpected crushes and complicated family relationships.

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