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Web Series for Sci Fi Lovers

I love science fiction and I love a good web series, so what’s better than combining the two? Nothing that’s what!

(Probably. Maybe. Okay, possibly lots of things, but it’s called hyperbole and sci fi web series are still really cool and definitely up at the top of the List of Awesome Things alright, so get off my back!)

Anyway, where was I? Sci fi web series are the best. So sit back, relax,  throw up your Vulcan salute, and check out these science fiction web series.

Web Series for Sci Fi Lovers
source: rebloggy.com


1. Video Game High School

Competitive video gaming is the sport of choice for Brian D., and when he is accepted at Video Game High School, he jumps on the chance to attend the same school as gaming idols like The Law and Jenny Matrix. The only problems? The principal doesn’t like him, The Law has decided to become his arch-nemesis, and Jenny Matrix is beautiful, nice, crazy talented, and definitely, for sure has a boyfriend (who isn’t Brian). Fortunately, Brian has his new friends Ki and Ted and his gaming skills to help him succeed at Video Game High.


This web series is such quality content that it (like The Guild) is also available on Netflix. It’s mostly an action, comedy series, but it does occasionally delve into pretty dark and serious topics (particularly in the later seasons) so prepare yourself for some feels.


2. Space Janitors

It’s Star Wars, but with janitors! Seriously, that’s it. That’s the premise.


Okaaayy, there’s a little more to it than that. Space Janitors is a comedy sci fi series following the janitorial staff and other underlings on (what is basically, if never directly referred to as) the Death Star. The characters are inept and the plot vacillates between parodic and completely ridiculous in the best way possible (somebody’s dad turns out to be a fish alien, I kid you not). It’s well done, truly hilarious, and there are three full seasons for you to binge on.


3. Riley Rewind

For most teenagers the ability to travel back in time would ensure a spot in the cool crowd, but for Riley it just means having to suffer through the same promposal rejection five times. Usually. But, when one of her classmates dies, she is desperate to find some way to save her. Riley’s power’s don’t come without a cost, though, and as she pushes herself to the limit to try to save one girl’s life, she learns that an even larger tragedy is on the horizon– and she may not be able to stop it in time.

The acting, writing, and production value of this web series are off the charts. It’s equal parts funny and dramatic and always enjoyable. Really I can’t recommend it enough. Fair warning, though, the series ends on a pretty big cliff hanger and there’s no season two, so don’t go into this one unless you’re prepared to be left dangling. (But you should still watch it.)



Do you have any sci fi web series you love? I’m always looking for great new web series, so leave me your suggestions in the comments below!

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