youtube portfolio

Rachel is a founder of Third Star Productions.  With the group, she has produced, directed, and acted in several different web series, as well as the Big Apple Film Festival and Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival nominated short film, The Delivery Girl.

University Ever After

University Ever After is an original musical web series where your favorite childhood fairy tale characters document their lives as a group of not-so-average college students. Rachel was a co-producer, director, social media manager , set designer, and actor for this musical web series told over two seasons. University Ever After Season 1 University Ever […]

A Midsemester Night’s Dream

A Midsemester Night’s Dream is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream set in college. Rachel was a co-executive producer, director, editor, social media manager , and actor for this ten-part web series.

The Delivery Girl

In a futuristic world where advertisers monitor all communication, and the only way to keep a secret is through person to person contact, the Delivery Girl conveys messages for customers at the Cycle Express — but she’s also concealing a secret of her own. Rachel co-wrote the script and was a co-producer and co-director of […]